brightblueBright Blue EcoMedia has an educational mission to communicate transitional strategies through film. As a unique blend of academics, media professionals, educators, and artists, we are dedicated to communication of positive solutions. Our creative team has worked together in various forms over the past twenty years. Over the past few years, our vision of combining rich educational content with high quality video production has crystallized as Bright Blue EcoMedia. We believe that entertaining, high quality films, teacher’s guides, and new media can be powerful communication tools, translating complex issues to audiences of all ages.



logoMountain Lake PBS produces high quality programs for local and worldwide audiences, reaching over 3.9 million viewers in New York, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario. The station also provides a host of education and outreach services for learners of all ages and devotes at least eight hours a day to programming for children.

Mountain Lake PBS’ mission is to celebrate and strengthen the civic and cultural life of the Mountain Lake region by providing distinctive telecommunications programs and services that inform, educate, involve and entertain.


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